Monday, August 31, 2015

Beg the Question

So, the Goldilocks zone is just right for human life.  If we were a little closer to the sun, or a little farther, we wouldn't be here.  The earth is in the exact right place for a species like us to exist. Or, how can you look at a tree and not believe in God? Funny how both scientists and religious believers both make an apparent assumption that existence is here to produce us. I think this is a very egocentric idea, and we come by it honestly, as we can never not be in ourselves.  But what if the Universe is unaware of us, of humanity and its consciousness.

The universe is not perfect for us.  We are what happens when a universe like this one exists! The conditions were here before we were.  We are a result, not an aim. This is why we have to create meaning in our lives; it is why we seek answers with religions, philosophy and science.  So, how do we decide how we should treat one another? If there is no right or wrong except in the imagination of human consciousness, no God to set us up here, no Universe that has a plan?

Treat others the way you wish to be treated. If you want your life to be your own, then others lives should be their own as well.  Now, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, are wrong not because some immutable quality of the Universe requires it, but because it is what I want for myself.  All I have to do is recognize that my intrinsic value is not greater than any others; that like me, others are as trapped inside of themselves as I am in me.

If we intend to evolve, we must realize that others do exist, just as I do. None are evil, bad, good, righteous, in and of themselves, they only perform evil, bad, good or righteous acts. So, we have to decide what are positive and negative actions.  I submit that the degree to which actions ensure the rights of others to do as they choose, and the degree to which they do not infringe on the rights of others is the measure of "good."

Live accordingly.

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