Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OMG Guess What I Just Learned!

One sentence: so, here i am in the middle of trying to rehang one of my artworks, a story about a Hindu horse, when, as ADHD demands, i am digging through my toolbox looking for my tools, whisper-cursing my short term memory because i cannot find the piece of chain that was in my hands thirty seconds ago, returning a straight clawed hammer into the nether of the toolbox and replacing the tray, of the toolbox, back into the toolbox shell, when i suddenly realize that, like the tool box in the Adobe Photoshop program, in which i often find me whisper-cursing myself because i must continually 'put down' a 'tool' and then 'pick up' the next in a manner that parallels what i should be doing in my analog toolbox in the garage 1.0, where i keep my tools, mainly that in the program i must move the cursor to click a specific tool, then use the cursor to place and execute the purpose of the tool, then move the cursor back into a new tool to drop the previous tool; i can't leave these tools out, and if i will do the same in the garage, i needn't whisper-curse myself as a foolish forgetful old man.*

*reading infinite jest1

1 if you know, you know you know; if you don't know, you don't know you don't know.

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